Disaster Recovery 

North Florida Tornado Strike

A turbine explosion caused by a tornado strike in North Florida devastated one of our client's 3 unit power plant that supplied most of the power for their manufacturing facility. The forced plant shutdown resulted in 800 production employees being temporarily laid off until power could be restored. This situation required us to mobilize to the site within 3 hours and set up massive generators for instant construction power and lighting, large skid mounted filtration systems and a vecloader to accomplish the cleanup required.

This emergency cleanup project, whose scope included the abatement of three turbines and associated systems and decontamination of the entire power facility, required working around the clock through a phased sequence of ten separate work areas as dictated by the clients plant startup needs. The extraordinary resources included several tractor trailers full of materials, equipment and scaffolding along with a peak workforce of 140 EPA certified crew personnel resulting in the removal and disposal of 88 tons of hazardous material.

Preparation of Containment over Turbines and Scaffolding
Setup for Pressure Cleaning

The total cleanup effort starting with site assessment and design through remediation, cleanup and disposal took just 10 calendar days. Knowing our client was losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue per hour, Lang rose to the challenge and safely accomplished this impossible mission outlined by our client.

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