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The basic coverage that we carry for General Liability Insurance is $2 Million on an Occurrence basis. The coverage for Workers Compensation and Automobile Liability also reflects a basic $1 Million coverage. The General Liability policy includes endorsements for Asbestos Special Liability, Lead Special Liability and Pollution Liability coverage.

We also carry excess insurance coverage for our General, Asbestos Special Liability and Lead Special Liability 5 million additional insurance. The owner will be named as additional insured as will the consultant, assuming the consultant has liability insurance acceptable to our carrier. If required, a Performance and Payment Bond will be provided by a Treasury- listed Surety admitted in the State of Florida with limits of $3 million/project and $6 million aggregate.

Contractor's Licensing
Our supervisory staff and many of our foremen have been certified by the University of Florida, with their one week training program, and all of our other employees have completed EPA and BPR approved training programs offered by LEI.


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